Vennie’s pups 9 weeks on

Barbet_pheasant.tga5/10   I know, I know, but I found it on the side of the road and it was just too tempting to show them.A nice fresh pheasant…




A bit of leash the pond too.barbet_pups2015_9a





A little running and playing, free in the garden and after a few minutes they all come back for chowtime.barbet_pups2015_9d This one looks very much like his father and grandfather.

barbet_pups2015_9ejpgUltimate challenge, when trying to wade through curious and happy to see visitors pups.barbet_pups2015_fejpg They just want to lick faces and ears…




and give GuyGuy kisses…

barbet_pups2015_ljpgEverything in nature is here to play with!





barbet_pups2015_gjpgA few more photographs.





Pups starting to go to their new homes.

Somewill become guide dogs for the blind, one will be replacing his great-uncle in 2 years’ time. barbet_mello_yellowbarbet_pups2015_ijpg




Lovely Lady…eager to please!

17/10: Education, education, education!

Most of the pups have left now, and now the owners start THEIR work of education. I created a frame to obtain a well-educated adult…which needs to be continued.
The link below is very interesting and informative with a grid to fill in( among other things). They have been exposed to the lawn mower, but that does not mean they are comfortable with it! Just like anything else. When educating your pup, don’t burn bridges or you will pay the consequences later! If my 6 dogs get along, it’s because I have worked with them and they know where their place is, in the hierarchy. It does NOT just “happen”!!! Please everyone be aware of that. My dogs can go anywhere and behave and not bark their brains out.

This socialization is so important for their future. I am lucky to have a very competent person 10 mns away and when I got Vennie and Iabada, they both went there for some sessions…We can do some things, but we can’t do it all.