Vennie’s Litter: 2015

A few months in review! …and looking to the future…

Vennie_Froggy2015_montage  Careful planning and selection of a female to welcome into the line started in 2006 has been fruitful. 11 pups were born 4/8/2015. 6 males/5 females, all black with more or less white weighing in between 200/300 gr. In just over 4 hours, they were all here and Vennie has been extremely attentive and in admiration of her pups.Barbet_resting

They are calm and content. All 11 doing great and gaining weight at a good rate.

I hope with this litter to very much perpetrate the old line or Vieux Barbet, with nice open curled coats,  easy to maintain.Barbet_2pupsweek1

 According to to Mrs Inge Fischer, a long time friend and mentor: ” Barbets…

who will show the desired type of coat
(and hopefully some more true Barbet-qualities)”.
My objective being to continue the work started by Mr Georgii who supported the old breed/ Vieux Barbet: a working gundog, companion, who is a rustic dog with the qualities, mentionned above. A dog who is affable, attentive and eager to please.
As reference, his first Barbet: Hercule di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco. The epitomy of the Vieux Barbet!Hercule_BarbetIs the Barbet the right dog for you? Read more about it…and YOUR selection work to find the breeder of your dreams!
The Barbet is an extremely rare breed. Selection is difficult to stay within the specs of the dog whose standard was written in 1886…for a Barbet d’arrêt!
I will update this section with information as we go along…stay tuned!11/8/15
 Socializing…one of GuyGuy’s favorite activities is cleaning them…13/08/15. After all they are my nices and nephews!







Coccolina helping…no animosity on behalf of anyone, quite the contrary! Everyone helps. Barbet_Coccolina2015cAfter all, what is a Great-Grandmother for? Can we do it better than they can….


Barbet_litter 2015a..give kisses…





barbet_pups1608a barbet_pups1608bThey are now, all clean…









19/08 They are sitting up, starting to play and their eyes are opening. All is well and Vennie is a champion.Vennie_pups190815sm






Barbet_puppies210815bAt just over 2 weeks, I put the “pipi” room and many started using it. Nice, eh?


Barbet_puppies210815dYes, they have opened their eyes and they are sitting up..


22/08:in total harmony…


My turn to take over!


There’s a bit left on your nose…

 Coccolina cleaning them after they have had a mega feast of “mousse” in the cleaning room.

220815cBarbets_sm 220815fBarbets_sm

220815dBarbets_smMom’s milk bar…

220815bBarbets_smMy favorite picture for last…My in a million.

25/08 Now, the fun starts…

P1130735  Breakfast of champions!



Soon, you will be tall little girl!















Individual attention, not all pups like TV…Dad Froggy is standing on the left.


Froguette and Iabada check on the mini Barbet moving…







Froguette watching over little one!



30/08   The pups are almost 4 weeks old and you can see they are “taking shape” now. On the left is Compay II and next to him his grandson.





Here you see Compay as adult ( for those of you who may not know him).Compay_filmBarbet It will give you an idea of the type of coat the pups will have.


Great Grandma Coccolina and puppy













Barbets290815On the left, Leandra, center Iabada and right Vennie. Leandra is another of Coccolina’s great grand daughters, visiting!

Barbet_kissA very sweet Barbet kiss…



barbet_pups300815Me, up close…






Half of us…with autie Froguette! We did a bit of garden today again…








1/9 Before we start a new chapter!

Barbet_010915 Barbet_pup_retriever2

A retriever is born! Look, ma! ( that is my sock I took off and threw!)Barbet_pup_retriever1



Great Grandma Coccolina…and Uncle Guyguy…





Barbet010915cGuyguy would never step on a pup, he is very careful.In the back is Iabada, still wondering what those “things” are!

Barbet010915b Barbet010915





Now that thery are all walking and very curious of what is around them, it’s time to start a new chapter!