Vennie: weeks 4 to 8

Today we started the “discovery of the pups lessons”…their character, how they react to certain stimuli and different textures or surfaces. I did not take many pictures because I was happy to sit down and see how little ones reacted to Corinne, the educator…she worked with Vennie and Iabada for puppy school and I thought it would be an asset to have her work with the litter, even moreso in continuity for those going abroad and who have to stay here until 15 weeks.


Coucou…I am ok, on my back…!


6/9 They enjoy being outside; see the videos








9/9 The discovery of water

Barbet_water1 Barbet_water2 Barbet_water3 Barbet_water4







Compare …and see how they are growing!

11/9 Video…Socialization:

Merci Corinne…!

15/9 6 semaines: now you start seeing how they are, and selection begins!

Vennie_chiotDon’t disturb us, we’re working!




22/9..very lively bunch!

27/9 Nature!

visitor Females_Barbet2015  What on earth are those black things looking at me? We took a dirt road to go to the vet and saw the pheasant, then we stopped to see ponies..



The boys waiting for their turn at the vet’s, left and the girls, below.




Barbet_cnrs2015They were all very courageous. they were vaccinated, chipped, gave blood as one does to support research ( as we have always done since 2008)and health checked “clear”. Teeth all perfect, testucles are there. I got a nice compliment from my vet, about the litter and my selection. Thank you Astrid for my lovely Vennie ( Outdoors Abergavennie) who did( has done) a fabulous job.

Vennie_Barbet2015_8weeksy’a plus qu’à…! Picture taken this morning. Vennie does not have much milk left, but she does do their morning wake-up call.

Again, sorry for the rant, but sometimes the club pressure is a bit hard to handle and I hate hypocrits, who speak with forked tongue.


11015vertBARBET 11015_marron_bleuCGBARBETHere are a few pups standing on the famous Georgy pup table I inherited from our dear Georgy ( Thank you Inge). He was always so proud to put his pups on it and for me a touching souvenir of my last visit to the Leobonnerie where he lived.

11015_grisCGBARBETBelow a short video of what we did yesterday…