Un Barbet oupas?


Texte en français.

Sur le lien ci dessus vous avez un texte écrit par une grande amatrice de Barbets en Suède. C’est plein de bon sens et j’adhère tout à fait à sa philosophie. Le texte est en anglais tout en bas de cette page . Les belles photos sont dans le lien anglais…à vous de décider si la race vaut le détour. Pour moi, oui, mais après…

avec moins de 50 naissances par an en France, assurez vous que c’est vraiment un Barbet qu’il vous faut comme compagnon de route.


No_Barbet1 No_Barbet2 No_Barbet3 No_Barbet4 No_Barbet5 No_Barbet6 No_Barbet7You do not want a Barbet because:

A Barbet is a teddy bear just like the one you hugged as a child. It’s a bit like a cherry Lifesavers souvenir or even Watermelon Stix.They’re still the way they were when they were young: huggable and affectionate.

Don’t have one if you don’t like affection.

A Barbet loves you and is always happy, kind, generous and reads you faster than a book. Be on your toes at all times!They love to see you smile and will adapt to you any day.

They love to smell your ears and…

Their eyes are covered so you can’t see where they are looking…

They have a long coat and things do get tangled in it. You deal with it because it’s time you share together and they appreciate your help.

You need to brush them regularly: they love the attention and you will love the feel of their coat. It’s therapeutic!

They love to run in the water and mud. “Muddy as a Barbet…”is the expression that fits them best in nature. If you don’t want them shaking off the water right next to you to show appreciation, you should not have a Barbet. By the way, they do shake again in the car.You won’t need to buy a new car!

They love to swim even in cold water with you standing there thinking you don’t have enough towels in the car.

They need to go for walks and that is good for you. If you don’t want to get exercise, don’t have a Barbet.

They’re willing to chill with you. They are not overactive. If you want a hyper dog, do not have a Barbet.

If you are tired, they will sleep with you. They do take up space, not by their size, but by their being part of your life. If you want a dog to stay outside, don’t have a Barbet.

You will take them out as often as you can and anywhere you can because you love to watch them enjoy life. They are a breath of Frensh air and everyone loves “gay Paree”….

They love to retrieve anything, especially ducks, as long as it makes you happy and they do something to feel useful.

Some lines can hunt if you train them properly and encourage their natural ability. You will love to make them feel needed as a historical working dog.Their reason for being.

Life with a Barbet is not always easy because it is a rare breed and you may never have another one again.Yet, it is just a dog.

I am and have been stocking up so I will always have some to live with until I exist no more.

I can’t imagine life without a Barbet.


14/2/15: I am adding an interesting article that everyone should read.