Working on photographs and making families or lines is a passion of mine since I started in the “Barbet” world. I have been working on families of colors for several years now and now that more and more are being born, it’s becoming a real treat to guess who is in the pedigree when several ressemble an ancestor or a Barbet in another country.

17/10/14: I am adding a line that is becoming more and more popular: sand!



Nelum Himalis Enigma from birth to-date!

She is daughter to Nelum Himalis Braise and Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre.

I am not a color specialist and am not looking to be at this point. I am curious, which is the beginning of a lot of research, I wonder why..I wonder where that comes from…

 Browns, first. Why? Because there were not a lot of browns for a long time and not just browns, but ones that lookalike. There seems to be a pattern coming out!

Barbet_cariocaBarbet_Cid Barbet_Cybele_headBarbet_Fanny_head



Top line: Carioca/Cid/Cybèle/ Fanny

Nenu/Arkann( sister of Coccolina)/ Ollie/a Corte dei Berberi pup/

Uggs/Dalie/Funny Girl/Moët/

Helios/Corte dei Berberi pups…so as to show that you can have the same head in black…and last but not least: an old drawing of a Wooly coated Griffon.

Amazing ressemblance, isn’t it!

This is the type of Vieux Barbet that many of us can identify with. If you have a photo of your brown male or female who can fit into this family please, feel free to send it to me. I will be happy to post it in this group. It’s very important for the breed to be able to identify roots. How far can we go back with this particular head type? We can go back to the 80’s, in black but not in brown.

Colors are going to be a hot topic at the French club in the future. If we eliminate colors, we eliminate the genetic diversity behind them.