Portée: Vieux Barbet 2017

VBB2017portee  Information sur mon travail de sélection..

2 semaines:

Coccolina et le chiot..en 5è génération de sélection.

3 semaines: très jolie tête, oreilles bien basses; museau court..





4 semaines (presque): Avec 7 chiots, la vità è bella…Maman Barbet s’occupe de tout, ou presque! C’est un nombre idéal!










When you smile..

5 semaines:

Recto verso

First car trip

Blue and Froggy make sure everyone is there!


















Dining room

6 weeks:It’s becoming very interesting…the great outdoors!

The great outdoors

Playing with blue, their cousin

The other car; another cage type; an older person with a cane; another dog bark…

Plant room





Their new day room with new toys and colors


















7 weeks:


8 weeks..and they’re off and running!

Breakfast of champions on the go!