Working Tests for participation in Field Trials










Club du Barbet , Lagotto et autres chiens d’eau. Officiel.nous vous rappelons que le

barbet n’est pas éligible aux field trials….???    And why not???


You would expect them to support any initiative to help the breed and not do the exact opposite…well, they don’t and are rather irate about it! Hardly believeable. Then they will say that the Barbet is a “chien de chasse…”

So, she was supposed to go straight and not do her shoelaces, brave little girl, but no one told her…A tremendous amount of obedience, but doable ( at some point in time).

If the Barbet cannot be a versatile working dog, it will not survive. Doing shows is good for egos, but not for the breed when you see what is “exhibited”.

For dates of Working Tests: