Vitrine of French breeding.

Finalement, je pense que plutôt que de se prendre la tête à faire la promo d’un Barbet, mourant en France et d’avoir à envoyer les gens les chercher à l’étranger, pourquoi pas un Perro? Ils ont le poil long, ils sont à ça près de la taille d’un Barbet (cqfd), ils sont tous gentils et Pilar se démène pour sa race depuis de nombreuses années avec toujours le même sourire, une grande disponibilité et un grand professionalisme, quoi demander de plus.

What I am saying is that in France it is IMPOSSIBLE to work on the breed since people are most reluctant to help and very ready to jump at throat as recent activiuty shows. When I have to keep sending people to another country to get a Barbet because there is no production in France, then I say that there is a problem.

The Spanish Water Dog  as is in the name is also a water dog.  No one gives a flying hoot about the Barbet being able to retrieve out of deep water and just want a dog with a nice coat. The SWD  are also nice dogs and most people have not a clue of what a Barbet is in France( after so many years of attacks about the breed being extinct )  and just want a dog with a nice long coat. The fighting and lack of support of the breed club will exterminate the breed in its home country as they already appear to have become a satellite country to a Poodle type with an impossible coat to manage due to lack of proper selection.

I will now reserve my dogs to people who want a Barbet because they know why. There are a few still in France. Not many, but breeding to breed is not my objective.Never has been.

A Spanish Water Dog, Perro Turco, you can get quite rapidly.The breeder is nice, competent and does a lot for her breed.The breed is not near extinction!

I say go for it. AND since regardless of what many think ” Memory is the future of the past”: this is exactly what JC Heramns said when there was no production of Barbet back in the 80?s , so he sent the people interested in a Barbet to an English sheepdog breeder who was no one else but the wife of the judge who supported him…and the judge of the 2014 French Specialty show. That is documented in a club bulletin.