Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco did it……..again.

We do need to use our purest Barbets alive as much as possible before they get too old. Time is now ticking( has been) and the uphill battle of several years is bearing fruits.

Intelligent breeding can be done as below to serve the breed and not just the breeder:


A very important litter and some excellent blood. So he, as we know, also carries sand since he has thrown it before and the sand is not “just” from a poodle as said Mrs Loiseau, in this post on her HP, back in 2010. Sand is becoming again a Barbet color and as some may say it doesn’t come from the Barbet, but the SWD or the PWD or even the poodle, all that being true ( as said below). However, there is no SWD or Poodle in Ulysse..



Nowadays, Mrs Loiseau has gone voiceless, but her writings of past days are still around and for all of us( well, most of us and with a certain humility…) to learn from because she knew alot, whether we agreed with the woman or not. She is responsible for the new debate about colors and bringing the non-accepted ones back to a prime position in the standard and the limelight.

We would have to admit that there are a few who have gained status whose colors are completely out of standard…even several super doodle champions. Books exist on what the coding is, but don’t tell us where we went wrong along the road. Don’t tell anyone…

Don’t tell anyone because everyone is in his corner producing their superdogs and doing their best to ignore others. Not good for the breed.