Too late.To serve us all as a lesson.

I was waiting from info from the breeder before flapping my lips as many have already, minding everyone else’s business as it goes these days of selling dogs like at a cattle auction or a fishmarket.

In a nutshell, a dog was up for adoption. Couple problems, half the world now knows about it… But the most incredible situation : the owner contacted the club about the dog and not the breeder. The club in its habitual interventionism manner placed the dog without ever asking the breeder’s opinion whilst showing its usual contempt and scorn for anyone but themselves.

Serve this as a lesson to all of us to put a clause in any contract when you sell a dog about it coming back to you and not anyone else. Now, I have nothing against the new owner but the situation is scandalous.However it IS par for the course from people who lack any kind of scrupules.

It has also happened to me, and I know how it feels.