Thoughts to ponder.

Yesterday, after we got home we watched the livestream on the Eurodog honor ring. Interesting demo of several hypertypes, but not only that: I did not once hear any winners coming from France. That’s not good…but not new.

Then, when our super WW and Eurodog show xxxx times winner came out, the same one as usual, I thought, ok, so if a dog with an incomplete pedigree over 4 generations is the epitomy of our poor breed as far as representation worldwide, that means, crosses of Poodles, PWD and SWD, but no Irish (since the pedigree is  very creative) is what represents our breed today along with our winners at specialty shows here and there:  simili crosses between mini bobtails( but matted) and terreneuves ( mini ones, of course) at first looks at them.The Barbet is soooooooooooooo unimportant that when they mentionned water dogs diving they only  spoke of the PWD and the SWD, the Barb-what? Barbet people are the only ones who think they are great, when no one actually cares about the breed. Anyway that’s what Pr Denis said a long time ago: we don’t need another breed that can’t hold its own.

Why fight for the survival of a soi-disant pure ( haha) breed when you can do much better team work making Labradoodles? ..and who cares if they are not SCC registered since the SCCnever really cared about the breed.

I do realize our new club committee is going to do their best for the breed, they are right now trying very hard. We are however talking about 30 years of negative “things” done to said breed and the people…to get over and when you think some people still talk about WWII as if it were yesterday, then what to think?

We may not be alive for the next standard modification, and the breed will be extinct in France and some foyers of the breed will still remain in countries faraway.

Mrs Loiso, our active representative of the breed at the club, elected by her friends who knew what they were doing,  did say I would bitterly regret telling the truth about the breed. It would have been much easier to let Fonzy5***** do it and no one would have ever known anything. The look I got yesterday chilled my proverbial spine and it was not the Swiss air conditionning.

Of course, most had their head down waiting for something grave to happen. It did…

Conclusion:Do not ever go with a working class Barbet into Swiss land, their Barbet is NOT a working dog.  The next time someone tells you their dog is the same as all the other ones, get their glasses out.If that is what I am making I’m signing up to make labradoodles, but with a history.