They made their bed.

If you go to the site, click on the line where the club pdt has made a statement. Sad conclusion to ” breedclub blindness”. Next step? Actions speak louder than words! Organizing shows is not what the breed needs, nor does it need peace; it needs devotion and work real work!

Never have they realized they had a precious gem in their hands…they needed to protect, and as quoted in a friend’s writings recently ( which I posted a link to),

A job that involves protecting, assisting and supporting the breed, its history, present and future
and to make people aware of the breed’s distinctive character but also highlight information about what we
should think about when we take our decisions, for example on issues arising from the breeding decisions or when buying a puppy.
I have never given up working for the breed and promoting what it was, does and despite the fact the club escorted me to their door a few years ago, I have never given up on our precious Barbet, French treasure…I even coined the expression!

Why was I escorted to the door? For asking questions…In France it is extremely rude to ask questions…so the club has used its energy, what energy they had, into exterminating people willing and overseering gladiator fights until the victim is put down. Here the victim is the Barbet.

Nothing new. I have said it over and over and over………and over. Last time, was at Game Fair.Hate to say it, but, “I told you so.”

Call for action, written action and signed and dated? ! Real action not just words…blown in the wind.