The Poodle is running out of time, and so is the Barbet.

From a couple of breeders making all the decisions to be made for the breed almost worldwide, to the French club screaming that everyone is pulling the blanket, to eugenics and useful idiots ( and of those we certainly have our share), I keep saying the breed is going to hit the wall where it started. No, not France. It has hit the wall in several scandinavian countries as expected. They all listen to the same people for lack of any knowledge to make their own decisions.

France has done nothing for the breed in over 30 years so don’t blame them for what we are going to pay for. We will all pay and don’t say you did not know…You all were warned.

Some of us are working together to get the Poodle out of the Barbet, whilst others are forcing their production onto any female in heat. Same males being used at a very young age, over and over because it is a part of the making of one master race run by one person. Eugenics, you read about it here a while ago.