The Barbet: a super working agility line ?


The Barbet is a slow heavy dog. Because it is an intelligent dog, it learns quickly. It loves to perform, but generally it is not as fast as a poodle, whose body is thinner, lighter and higher on legs. Some countries part of the Viking line, maybe? are being led to believe that an agilitist is a “working” dog…

However, there is no such thing as a “working” agility line in the Barbet. The Barbet, French working dog breed…is not logged in as “agilitist”.That is an insult to the breed ( the old one)

Anyone can raise a dog and take it to agility and there are lots of crossbreeds in agility because it IS a discipline where they can shine.

A true Barbet can enter working class in a FCI show, only if he has successfully obtained a BCE 2nd or 1st degree ( ex above)

Brainwashing and brains…opposites attract! But to brainwash you need brains. The airheads, not.