Russian roulette.

Every so often, for this or that reason, information pops up conveniently from a not so distant past. This time it’s the old killer list of  epileptic dogs that was drawn up by the French club’s Barbet representative, in 2010. It can’t be official since there is no documented scientific proof, and it is very incomplete. Some breeders have not contributed and the list is not updated…

What makes one send an incomplete not confirmed list out to new potential breeders ? Your guess is as good as mine. I suspect…There are a lot of puppies out there and some lines seem to be more popular than others? ( as far as customer satisfaction is concerned) and they need to be sold. Scaring people into buying a dog rather than another is one way.

Most ( ALL!) want to breed healthy dogs, no one intentionally breeds sick dogs.

However…thinking back to our great scsn ( so cute so nice) Barbet history, you can sort of wonder why, after almost 30 years of finger pointing, attacks, disciplinary actions, officials at clubs would not have at some point decided to communicate together to get something set up to deal with it. That, since our french club was created in 1981, has never ever ever been the case. It is certainly not the case with the new regime.

Several years ago, 2008? I found out what some are finding out now. I have always insisted on the fact that since many pedigrees are homemade, pointing fingers at this or that dog is totally unproductive and will not help the breed’s future..Of course, my name is mud( muddy like a Barbet?) very often for what I have tried to share goes against what some’ s objectives are. $$$$$$$.

How can a “breed” be accused when in some lines there was not a drop of Barbet blood. It’s less the case today, because times they are a’changing. Not clubs, alas.

So, we can beat our heads into the wall…or hit it.

Finland and Rennes are working together. No one needs to hassel them because they are doing their best. Why don’t some of you start hasseling the clubs to cooperate and communicate together for the breed? That would already be a big step. What have some clubs accomplished as far as health or impoving it, accomplished? Other than banning dogs (with no proof as usual) that they don’t “like” …whta has that got to do with scientific proof, I ask?

Now, while I have your undivided attention…I will repeat again that saving a rare breed created in 1980, is not possible. A  rare breed becomes less rare by making and selling more and more.

Saving a line of a breed called Barbet that is becoming extinct is more of a challenge and not for just anyone to deal with, which is the reason that, to not deal with it, you ban the dogs from being used. Want examples?

Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco and brother Ursus…That line needs help.

They are representative of the more Griffon type of dog and not a miniature poodle type, or grandstandard poodle.

The re-incarnated barbet de Buffon poodle type, does not need any help except to become less rare. Therefore, it would be nice if people stopped thinking that they have to save a breed from extinction that was created in 1980 ( after the labradoodle..) and start perhaps thinking about how to protect what is left of the old line, or VIEUX BARBET.

No easy feat, but some of us believe in it, still.