“Poil à gratter” in French, or Rosa canina in English..

It sort of loses in the translation and over the centuries, wars have been started when people don’t understand each other. You need not examples, just look around you! FB communication is another…with translations that mean nothing.

So….why this? It’s all about habitual transparence, and how people flaunt what they have not achieved, which led to…Barbets_froggy_froguette_irfan

… a very humorous exchange between several of us this weekend…It’s a bit difficult to explain the expression “donner du poil à gratter à quelqu’un”, meaning keep them busy enough trying to find a solution to a situation (so they will shut up for a while)!

I will use the typical expression used in our Barbet world by yours ever so truly, meaning not me…”People who need to know, know”.End of conversation.

I love to play with words in both languages, as you know, but I am not sure many will understand other than the “useful idiots”* involved in this particular affair.

So let’s play with rosa canina soap…do you think it’s useful to lather up the coat when cutting it? Do you think we should only use scissors, or  perhaps an artsy blade to trim?