Opening the proverbial can, of worms that is.



See which way I am looking?


A recent hassel  about eye colors…and making sure that this and this blablabla light eyes blablabla badbadbad…but of course, since we most all know we have SWD in the Barbet therefore leading to some light brown eyes in litters.

Then, we have brown eyes in some other black types who have hidden PWD in them

( which is ok since they make the rules) which for anyone else is very verboten.

We also have some slanted eyes appearing from having IWS on both sides of the pedigree.

We all know that the Barbets’ eyes are supposed to be covered…so why all this hoop-la about the eye color in a rare breed?You would think that developing the breed would be important? Well, no. Lets’ play shaft the dogs we don’t like and look east for hope.

Did forget to mention that some colors were also on the no-no list…only when it concerns old blood, not new. New what? Oh you mean news? Latest?

You can now follow the ballet of dogs being extracted from one country to be confirmed by unscrupulous judges in another..interesting to go down that road when the Barbet has seen it all. This being the latest.

British born dogs are being registered in France when they don’t even live there. OMG. And who does it all fall on? GUESS.

You got it. and why? Temper tantrum has taken place. That’s all.

Wouldn’t you think that the instances would be working hard on raising births and getting more breeders in their home country? Nahhhhhhhhhhh. Let’s destroy what is left, because when there are none, we don’t need to worry no more, now do we.


Notice I said nothing about sizes..!