Opening a can of worms…

Of course you’re supposed to know. Like when you get a speeding ticket and you were not aware of the speed limit, well the standard is the same thing. You are supposed to know what you can and cannot do when it comes to breeding like speeding. As an example, colors: so you can do everything listed but not what is not listed. As individuals we interpret, because we are intelligent ( we think we are) and we deduce that this is what is says, so we’re right on with our planned breeding.

But, more and more colors are coming out in the Barbet that are not necessarily black/ brown/sand( fawn) or white or pied( also misinterpreted)…there are other little things in there. Some of those little things make it that our dogs are going out of standard one by one: flecked, graying dogs ( not age), and some of the old colors which were taken out of the standard in 1986 but that is no longer our problem since we are in 2013 and our standard says 2006. The law is the law and the standard is the standard.

Now what? That is a very interesting question and I am certainly looking forward to how this is handled, when you think of how few births we have in France, to start and how many may not be standard. Ouch.I will not even mention other countyries where entire litters are out of standard colors.

One of the “items” that was supposed to be added back into the standard modification was the list of precise verboten colors. I think it was quite similar to the one listed in the link.Sooooooooooooo, conclusion?Not ours to reason why.



Hera di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, and many others of this old hunting dog color.

She was probably born a shade of brown which got lighter and lighter, grayer and grayer until voilà! Game over……..

This above was done in 2011 as it says. Since yesterday, we now know that the Canadian standard is not FCI so they can do what they want. Shows to go you that when you decide on thse important “things” you really need to sit down, discuss all of the points before signing on the dotted line. Your decision is for years and years and you and all of us may be dead and 6-feet under before it ever changes.