Ms Overälles has spoken a truth. The first one!

latrine_smSo, for the first time in over 10 years and I quote…en français, excusez moi-le français…Ms Overälles, has spoken publicly.Something generally done behind backs in the past.

Je ne vois pas pourquoi vous n’auriez pas le droit de vous exprimer…” Ah BON??? and “A force d’être attaqué et critiqué par certaines, on devient très sensible. Il faut comprendre. Eh oui, ma petite dame. Il faut comprendre…et vous?!

Showing empathy towards others? Is she starting to understand that for lack of only contributing to her own pyramid, one starts to wonder?

For 10+ years now, From Belgium over to swissland and coming back through our wunderbar breeders in France, there has been a lot of slandering and below the belt breed bashing…will she be the first to get herself out of that gutter and show the example? Those who need to know, know?

They n,eed to know what? They need to know that contrary to what is being said by some pro and less pro breeders who claim blindedly that there is only one Barbet and we are all just one big happy family with everyone working for a common goal? Wrong you are.

There are 2 Barbets…and the breeds really have nothing to do with each other or they would look more alike and drown in the “crowd” of 0% inbreedings, so coveted.

Ulysse di Barbochos de Reiau de Prouvenco has produced some very nice Vieux Barbet types…Griffon, if you wish. And of course, there is only one Barbet!Barbet105MD But which one…the one from 1886?







Barbet Moderne ( or Poodletype)…and we all work together and others stop us from having genetic diversity…Barbet_swiss_smandweallgetalongsowellandweareallsocutewhenwearepuppiesandwemakesuch nice  grown dogs…that are Barbets(?)…one big happy family.

Then IF there is only one Barbet, why are they so different? Of course, that cannot be explained, since the people who promote this cannot refer to anything as factual documentation, can they.( other than the Moors stuf, and Buffon’s miniature Poodle)

N’est ce pas.