Little Monday morning rant-a-rooni: what’s about beating a dead horse?


I was off for 2 weeks for Easter holiday. Got lots of things done. I went to pick up a book called La Fabrique des mots, by Erik Orsenna, about how people have less and less vocabulary to function with. Interesting subject when you look at social networs and the profusion of mindless robotic so cute, so nice…thrown around.
I then let myself get sidetracked into the dog book section…and I found a real treat, for all of us dog people:

It says about the Barbet:”they” crossed a Poodle with a SWD and a PWD and an IWS to bring the breed back to life since it had disappeared at the end of WWII. But secrets are not always kept secret especially when they are not all true.

Conclusion…some claim to be saving a breed from extinction that they will tell you black on white, was already extinct. hum.No names, we know who they are! These are of course, the same people scandalized by the fact that some pedigrees were homemade like Belgian waffles. OMG! What is the club doing?