The phrase, ‘What goes around comes around, ‘ is the American definition for Karma. Karma basically means becoming the decider of your own destiny. According to this law, every action has consequences, whether positive or negative, depending upon the quality of the action….

International alliances and organisations are helping some to advance their collective security,  economic interests and  values….nothing to do with basic claims that attract oooooooooooohs and aahhhhhhhhhhhhsss of their social network fans.

It is no fun at all having to fight for the survival of a rare breed,  against some who only attach a financial value to each dog produced’s head and be the bad guy all the time.

Very unfortunate that I am the only one in France, having done thorough research on the Barbet and  fighting for the survival of the breed. Most of the information being in French, interpretations of even one word change according to a country’s decision on what they want it to mean.

I will explain that in a further post, but will give you a little example:

The Sportsman’s Cabinet, in 1803 is talking about an unshaved and rather short-headed Poodle …and NOT a Barbet!( Illustrated Book of the dog by Vero Shaw, in 1881)

Very nice that in other countries, some have joined the fight and are supportive by their actions. It’s hard all the time, rewarding when I can find a bit of info I’ve been searching for, for a long time and gratifying when what I have been doing for almost 10 years now, starts to pay off.

Must say, I read with a grain of salt added and am tickled pink, that a club abroad was going under…what a shame.

I guess that what goes around comes around…all a question of Karma. Expecting more good news in 2014.