Just for fun!

Barbet_wallpaper …and 11 there were! And 11 there are. All are placed and yes, you want them all. BUT, how do you decide which one is best for you and your needs? It’s a very hard task and responsability to select. The breeder will hopefully help you by pre-selecting a pup that suits your needs. It’s extremely hard to decide who what how before they are “up and running”…. We all love colors, but color does not just a pup make. There are many other parameters to consider:  character, teeth, curls, and of course testicle for males. My friend Paula in Canada has an eye for selecting and testing dogs. She often helps many of us via photos taken a particular way and I hope to share her knowledge one of these days! I used to post a lot of photos of the pups growing up. I don’t anymore because people pick for color and it cost me a lot of money when I got sued for refusing to sell and undershot pup for reproduction. In France you have the vet’s ok at about 7 weeks of age and then you have an idea of which one is going where because you select the dog at that age ( which is still young, but if they leave at 8, you have no choice).  At 7/8 weeks you pretty much have an idea of what they are going to be like. If you want a champion, you pay the price and the pup stays until 4 months of age at the breeders and the only question mark after that is the hips. ( done here at 1 year) Not an easy task, to slect a dog and keep in mind that most often the breeder is going to also keep one of his little wonders for the future of his or her line.