It’s all in the head..

Barbet_nothead*Recently,I saw on your favorite social network, some comments from some people who as everyone we know in the Barbet world, are experts on detecting when a Barbet is or not a Barbet…

Well? Is a SWD a Barbet? Is  Poodle a Barbet? Is a Cao a Barbet? Think about it.

It is all in the head ( and the tail). After xxx years of crossing lines, it would appear that ther ought to be some homogeneity in the breed. Do you think there is?


There seems to be more and more of a cleavage and for the clever ones, you should be able to look at a dog and see what’s in it at a glance. I did it at the clubshow in the Netherlands. It was a great experience! Don’t forget the short tail hidden very often when it is a bit too short…

* yes, this is a Barbet with an Irish Water Spaniel head. I recently saw another one…what a shame new breeders don’t take those parameters into consideration. The hair will eventually grow, but the shape of the head is very characteristic, isn’t it! Like the small poodle heads we see on “Barbets”.