It’s all in the family…or in the water?

Just like I loooooooooooove it. I try my best to be in touch with as many of my dogs born here and now their progeny, all over the world. It is a sheer delight to spend time with them, give tips to  the owners on grooming, swimming, cleaning ears, untangling knots, take them to water ( yes, the water here is good for Barbets!) or just having fun with the dogs.

Today was one of the last visits for this summer:



Leandra von der Lieuverwelt who is great grand-daughter to Coccolina and she did not resist the call of the water.A little practice with cousins and off she went.



…Froguette, Vennie and then Léandra ( von der Lieuwervelt, in the Netherlands) caught on!



Let the dogs do the work, or retrieve it yourself…which reminds me of an anecdote…