It has become a normal behaviour…

This site below, I started in 2007.

Barbet books are being written right left and center about how great the breed is. It is of course, nice for poeple to think that the Barbet is such an uncommon, fabulous breed. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is much less shiny. Why has the breed never progressed in its home country? Good question. Suffice to look at what each wave of new breeders does to anyone else in their way.

The breed club since its beginning in 1980 has never documented any other information than disciplinary board actions against  members/people and a very long tradition of insults, backstabbling and the likes. It is continued today as traditions are hard to change by some narcisstic  breeders looking for fame and recognition for their deeds. People seem to be used to it, since no one bats an eyelash and just overlooks it.

The breed club does not have the majority of these official documents, nor any trace of any accomplishments to help the breed.