Is this the party to whom I’m speaking?

Regardless of who one is in the chain of command and who their references are or not, everyone in their own language says stuff, Googles the translation of all the others’ words, sentences and constructions and with their wrong translations takes decisions they can’t explain. Now it would only seem logical that people in “charge” of our rare breed be able to show their competences in the matter and it is generally far from the case. Poeple want to shine their own production up so their studs are promoted and used whilst always referring to how great they are.( and of course sell dogs). In the Barbet world, saying most don’t communicate, is a major understatement. It is not a question of helping each other with a common objective of survival of a breed threatened with extinction, but promoting a breed that was created in 1980. Rare, yes, but not threatened with anything but stupidity. It’s only the “others’s” dogs who are sick, crazy, inbred and what else you can possibly come up with. One country has already destroyed the breed with now very few births and others are working hard to keep up. This is another example of : “Is this the party to whom I’m speaking?” Yes, Gilda Radner lives on. This is a letter I have just sent to someone and it resumes the situation in our Barbet world..

Good morning xxxx,

I am glad you got the results you wanted yesterday and am sorry to have asked you questions just before your show.

I will repeat as clearly as possible so as not to create a language barrier.

My original question was: Did YOUxxxx, write the report on the symposium as it is not signed? Yes or no?

We did not meet because I would remember you. Then, you said something about seeing so many BB again…which you then said you had been to WDS in Paris. We didn’t meet there either. Were you already on the board of the club?

Then you asked me if I was referring to a tremor report. Am I right? It is important we stay on track and not get sidetracked.

You said :That “someone” you have talk to was wrong. If you have something to say about it you will write to the swedish barbetclub.

Who are you thinking of when referring to this? 10 people involved in writing this tremor report, right? So all of the club committee along with the Swedish Kennel club, so the SKC is part of the 10? We need to be real precise about facts when we have them AND USE THEM against people and dogs. Right?

You represent the BB club. I am addressing you as I did not know who you were before. NOR did I bring up the subject!

I gather that if someone is wrong, then someone is right? So, who is right and who is wrong, here and about what?

Then you say everyone wrote the tremor report which I have not asked you anything about……BUT I will tell you that when my students say “we all did it, it means no one is taking responsibility for what was done, and generally the work was poor. You know the joke: How many people does it take to change a lightbulb? One to hold it and 9 to turn the ladder…

Now why should I write to someone or people who are not identified to talk about something I asked you personally and you are not answering? I think that is a bit scary to not even be able to communicate on a simple subject in a lingua franca without the subject being distorted. Right?

So you say write to them and then you say Well, not everyone there, as I told you, if you write to info@barbet.ze and avel@barbet.zz everyone who work for the barbetclub in Sweden get the mail automatic send to their own e-mail, it’s a collect mail for those two team, it’s that two mailadress you should use, I promis you it will be right then!

Not everyone there where what???????????If you can’t answer a simple question about a simple matter why would I ask them?Them who????

Who are you talking about when you refer to those 2 teamS? Teams of what?

You are extremely confusing. This all started with a simple question on a simple matter that required a yes or a no!

My conclusion is that if you are a representative to you club and you are not able to answer such a simple question, what is even the point of asking you anything complicated, which I didn’t.

By the way, what are your qualifications to be xxxxxxxxx? You have now got me totally confused. Below conversation is the one we have had since the beginning of our exchange; Just for the record.( FB conversations have been erased and modified and I have been trapped there before).

You must understand that it is extremely important to have precise information on any subject matter before you draw conclusions, on any matter. Therefore I am quite worried about the rest of your story.

I notice you zapped me from your FB page, a little annoyed you are? It’s not a problem, as I did not ask to be there. The survival of a RARE breed is not a question of a popularity contest. It is based on solid facts and well documented proof of information accumulated and not “just” a question of “zapping” a breed and its breeders to replace it with another and winning “likes”.

Since you were at WDS 2011, you may enjoy these facts. I deal with facts, not heresay.

Out of the 56 Barbets present at WDS:

26 have PWD blood

25 IWS blood

22 SWD blood

Then I would wonder how you take those figures into consideration when your official club refers to a private database that is not official by ANY stretch of the imagination?

Last but not least at WDS 2011:

11 Barbets came from me (born here or my own dogs) out of 56. Which leads me to say that I am not just a new breeder on the block and that perhaps when deciding on certain points and how to publish them when they involve my line ( meaning me and those before me such as the Italian breeder, Mr Georgii and Mrs Pêtre), I ought to be consulted since I do communicate with them ( not many others do, do they. Do you?), don’t you think?

Isn’t it a matter of basic respect towards me and the breed I have been working with and on for 13 years along with the information I posess?

Give it a thought.

I fully intend to publish this matter on my site and on FB. It is just another example of incompetence, slander and destruction of our rare breed. Regardless of what an incompetent French  breed club said, there are 2 main lines. A re-incarnated poodle x PWD one as there are still several examples alive today and the ones that have barbet blood in them going back to AT LEAST 1970.Regardless of what an ukase historian says.

The re-incarnated Barbet in 1980 is rare, ONLY because there are not many.

The Old line is going to be extinct and despite some working to cross the lines as fast as possible all of the sudden, the selection is still being made on the poodle type and not the griffon type.

Bottom line, it’s a question of clear communication, competences and facts, and last but not least: respect for the work done by people before us.

I look forward to your prompt reply. You know where to find me and you don’t even have to put your lips together and whistle:

Have a nice Sunday.

Best regards


Barbets en Bresse, France.

Elevage de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre since 2004 and not 2006!