If I had known back in 2000…


Translate the above linked article via Google, it works rather well. You will again enjoy it and the message is clear.

To a layman, the questions you are supposed to ask or should ask when buying a rare breed, you don’t because you don’t know. I did not. If I had,  I would have.;what would I have done with what I found out after the fact?..? Hard to say, probably what I am doing now… I only wish I had figured it all out in the big clear picture, sooner. That’s life.

Of course, when I started putting the pieces together pianopiano , I became public enemy ( one N or 2?)…because I was interfering with many’s business, which was not my concern ( the money part, that is), but the “old breed” and how to get back to it .Just like fabricating the Labradoodle, who needs more furry creatures around?

Selection, selection selection…key words…to get the dog looking like it did back then: a Griffon, cousin to the Boulet…not more not less. With at particular coat, its typical character and morphology. How difficult is the concept? Well…anyway. That’s why I am into the real history of the breed and not the generic myth around it.And so, yes, in the Barbet there is a lot of this and that but some of us are working on putting the breed back together the way it was.

So, yes, in the Barbet, there is a bit of this and that but it’s all in how you dose the ingredients! A rare breed is………rare.