How to organize an event?

Clubs are often aware when people are unhappy with their “services”. It’s obvious that organizing a show takes time and some competences, mostly soft skills ( managerial, time, and organisation). No technical skills ( hard skills) are required. Alas, you will say because it’s always so cutesonice to win and feel like the best of the best but. Think again.

It’s in French, but you get the idea. Schools  do it as a part of their projects. Clubs do it because it is a part of their Statutes. Result is the same?

 Titre I Article 5

i) organize shows….

BUT when it comes to working for a particular breed:

Article 5 again:

The club is responsible for encouraging/ improving  the breeding, encouraging it I said, contributing to a breed’s promotion, develop their utilisation,

c) having a listing of:

– recommended studs

– working dogs( selection)?

e) determine which tests the dogs should do?

f) favorise relations between members?

And perhaps even answering questions and this is where it all goes wrong.

I cannot remember when the last time there was a list of studs available. If my memory serves me correctly…Poppenspaler’s Vincacao was 4 years old and he died at 14.