Health, Ulysse and the likes…of a state of delirium.

Many may not know this( or care) but I do own most of the club bulletins since its foundation in 1980. Along with that, I also have the 2nd club bulletins. Which club? Aha..

Then being in the Barbet world long enough, I have spoken to many owners of the past who were thrown out of the club. Those people did give info on dogs and the past. Other info is simply in old bulletins. ( liver problems, entropion, cancer etc)

This year, 6 Barbets of different lines have died at a not old age of 6 or 7. That’s quite alarming. We are now in the generations after the Hermans era. His era was the one many know and some love.

The dogs he shipped off to the USA were canailles de Verbaux and they did not farewell.They were also “L” litters…and guess who they had in their pedigrees? Limaille and Luron. Scary.
2 other “L” litters died at age 8, most of us do not know of what, since that is a big secret managed by Mrs Loiseau and superFonzyFive star.

There are some countries where dogs never die, but only of old age, but in a normal world a Barbet does not generally live til age 15.

That makes it easy to manipulate people into thinking only the only superooodle line is healthy.That’s what is going on as we breathe in a Scandinavain country well known for its successful aging breeders of Barbet.The new generation has been well coached, but with a lot of hot-air.

When Ulysse is forbidden to reproduce, despite the fact that he and littermates and pups are hasseled big time is not right, nor is it working for our Barbet world where we need to use “ALL” dogs as quoted by our new expert on the breed since now.

So, IF Simone wants info: you know where to ask. Go east to the canailles de Verbaux line.