Good breeding practice? Do your homework!

When someone, anyone works hard on a product, to make it as close to the specifications as possible, it’s important to get feedback from the final user, meaning the customer. This is not a new concept.

Here we are talking about our passion for our breed: the Barbet and keeping breeding lines alive and well. We work hard looking for the perfect mate to continue a line and placing puppies in the right homes so they will continue the line and create their own.

It is extremely saddening when some decide that the breed starts with them and they refuse any contact with breeders who before them worked on a product: the same product. It appears to be the fun thing to do by badmouthing the one and ignoring the other.

It has only ever happened to me once before in a Scandinavian country where I have a brother of my Guyguy who was a few years ago, rehomed ( owners left country and could not take dog) and the new owners were told to never have any contact with me( how childish can you get)…the dog in the meantime was attacked by 2 pitbulls almost didn’t make it, then reproduced. All this without me ever getting info about him, what he looks like what he threw and it appears to be “normal”, by the U.I’s around.
That, until more recently where a foreign national is adopting a similar pattern of behaviour, here in France.

Does that mean asking about dogs born in your home or being of your line, is abnormal or is it just breeding practice for those just looking to make money? In the meantime, I have no information except your usual insults! Patterns repeat themselves: we all want to know our dog progeny sizes as the big symposium was also about “sizes”…but impossible to obtain info. Only ” this dog is not available for studding”…when it was the breeder of HIS line asking for info…haha. Comment was promptly zapped of social network!

The social network conversations of the last few days confirms the reason why I do not recommend any breeders in France (or elsewhere). That despite the fact I see people looking for a list on my site. Well, no will do and that is the reason why. You never know what will happen after…the sale.

There are some  breeders I do trust with their decisions, not many, but not everyone can be an A breeder…the majority are C D’s and some F’s. This not being a new concept, either. Applicable for test scores at school and breeding practice! Out of so many breeders in a country, some are good some are bad.