French Lover’s great news: 4/6 on the SCC selection grid!



I am extremely excited about it and proud of him! He reached this level due to his B hips, 2 excellents ( one in a “Spéciale” and one at the Club Specialty show with 2 different judges) and the most important: the BCE 1st level which characterize his retrieving and hunting skills a Barbet must have.

French ( Froggy) is my second male to have reached the 4/6 level on the selection grid after Booly Wooly. Both were born here, in Breese and raised by me, with tlc.

Froggy’s grand-mother, Coccolina reached the rare 5/6, herself and should soon been having a 5th generation of descendance.What more can you ask for?

When you think that 15 years ago, Barbets were not allowed to enter dog shows in Working Class…socutesonice?