D litter birthday! 5 years old…

Very typical pups: some looking like mom and some like dad….At 5 years of age, you  now have opinion of what they are all about. Several have reproduced, some have disappeared off the map, which is a shame.That’s life, eh.

Some variations in sizes and some are still growing, like little Dixie Chick  ( photo D Dalton). You learn not to pick dogs for the color and let the breeder do his work according to requirements or specs.

Dixie Chick is the smallest one at 50 cms ( like mom) and Djimo is a bit more like dad at 58 (Booly Wooly being 59 since age 2). Poor girl has suffered bad reviews at shows due to her size and it’s a shame because now more and more males are winning just slightly bigger than her.

That being one of the points of the Symposium: bringing down the real sizes of Barbets!Ahead of her time she was.

barbet_marron Illona dixiedalton Barbet_DesireeBarbet_Dalie declic250509cdjimoBarbet_Dolce

Django-F/ D’Illona-Finland/ Dixie Chick_F/Tufi-Sw/Dalie*-F/Déclic-F/ Djimo-Sw/ Dolce..in Italy.

All healthy with the great character of mom AND Dad…

* Dalie, may possibly be having a litter in 2014.

They come and go, yes and they are just dogs, yes but  a litter born elsewhere so not as close to my heart as the others.Not something I recommend doing, ever. However, they are descendants of my Brabets and of a rare breed I am fighting for and they all count to me. Happy Birthday!

I would add that it is important for a breeder, any breeder to be able to get information abouttheir products. Shame many do not understand that concept. That is not working for the breed but working for themselves. Again nothing new as that is how associations are made! Sad.