Coccolina and her grandsons..E litter

Their coat is now their adult coat. They are full grown now and they look really nice and homogenous. I am quite happy with them. Che and Cacao did a good job!
I will add that I don’t know how a dog, any breed can be a super dooper champion at 10 months old as is the case in the USA( maybe also Canada?). The race to make them champions is a bit mind boggling.I must have missed something in the translation. A 10-month old dog, regardless of its origin is not champion material every time it is shown.That a champion does not necessarily reproduce champions is a known fact, even in our narrow Barbet world.

Barbet_Ebrothers Barbet_exquis2013

 Exquis and Edam sons of Che and Vincacao.


Thelma’s reference size is 55. A judge, be him who you want can always measure to his or her advantage or not.Sizes appear to be coming down, so that a larger number of dogs can be used. OR at least we hope so….The Poodley types have had since 2005 to come down in size and the Poppenspalers’ are not the only one who are small enough. That being jsut a personal revenge on 2003 when a famous one refused to mate.