Barbet “Stories”, as she is called

Barbets_sable_fawnSivu_BarbetThere is one last puppy available in Finland. She is the daughter of Gloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, daughter of Coccolina, who is and has become a real reference in the Barbet world.

Her name is Stories and she represents the breed well as she is a balanced friendly and cute little girl( and nice…as puppies are). The color is a very in vogue color now,  an old Barbet color that has come back into the breed that we can trace back to the early 1970’s.What I like here is the fact that we can trace lineage and type and after years and years, it is a real pleasure to show homogeneity.

I love this video. It is so typical and you see mom, calling them…it is as if they had rehearsed their part!