Barbet postiche: add when needed…for centimeters

And so it goes…a dog grows and grows, eternally!That is the latest news from the land of Cosette;

If you are here, you obviously know that many of us trying to get the poodle out the breed Barbet, do our best to bring down the size of the dog, hoping that at some point the standard will be dealt with properly  to lower the official sizes, now that it is happening in real life.

What is counter-productive now is that some are claiming their dogs to be bigger, which is a bit strange as their size is incresing to please a Raspoutine of sorts.

Here if I wanted to… I could let Guyguy’s coat grow and grow and let it get thick, be super friendly to a judge who would automatically add 2+ cms to his size and make him just standard for breeding purposes…eh oui, ma brave dame.

In his case, he would go from 59.5 to 61 or even 62 with a nice thick matted coat*…Arrrrrgh! He is tall enough and therefore it is easy not to want to be photographed with him, eh?


Now of course, you can add centimeters by adding a thick layer of an ungroomed matted coat and the the sky is the limit. Some judges working to please and disregarding the standard are collusive to the act…that being nothing new. They will write just about anything to keep judging at shows and please.

In passing, please do not blame any of the overgroomed matted dogs on RT Georgii as he was a teacher and not a professional groomer during his working life and he well paid his groomer to deal and overdeal with his dogs.

* remember, I save coats and hair, you never know when it can come in handy!