Auf Deutsch, bitte schön?


On November 15th I posted some information in German that I had gotten from a particular book published in Austria. Like many, I had seen the information posted here and there, but never really clicked onto something until I connected in my head, JC Hermans’ story on how he eradicated the Griffon Barbet ( you have the info on this HP and FB)

I connected to a German translation of how the Barbet had no undercoat and connected to the standard project document ( of a certain Alain) to modify the Barbet standard and saying it had, among others: no undercoat. Then it all came to a head.

It took the time to get the book we are referring to, see I had 2 of my dogs in it with no credits for using the picture and no written authorization on my behalf to use my dogs’s photo………what you see above plastered right left and center on several pages with breeders’ names- of course…making it look like their dogs were, of course dogs who hunted and retrieved. That is a major dose of misinformation to remain polite…and as we all know we stupidly believe and hear when it is being fed by such competent breeders working for what we see and since many don’t know any better, voilà. The Swiss dogs have become hunting dogs through very agile propaganda and lack of knowledge of the breed. The author, didn’t seem to question the fact that swissland doesn’t use gundogs to hunt ducks or pheasants but only to eradicate an odd rabbit here and there.

Piotr’s hunting in Poland was shown but no name mentionned either. This is how everything degenerates…

There are some really perverse people in the Barbet world trying to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the Vieux Barbet and the Barbet Moderne are the same breed…Do you honestly think these  can be compared? If you see it written…then, beware. They are not the same dog!


Now, do you understand why Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco is persona non grata in Swissland?