Another litter in Germany, I want to mention

Mrs Pietsch was a close friend to Mr Georgii, of the old Poppenspaler’s breeding and she firmly believes in the values that Mr Georgii transmitted to some of us. I feel bad about “just” citing a litter because Coccolina is the great- grandmother and not mention Illo’s…She knows a lot about the breed and is one of the few in Germany since she has bred Barbets for many years. Not everyone has Coccolina in their pedigree and that is just as well.

When you scroll down the page on Illo’s homepage, you will see Pepe ( his real name is Crokus from 2013) who is our Swiss mini-Compay and was born  at Carmela’s . Carmela is one of 2 Swiss breeders working for the “old line”.

Ceci explique cela!