A very special litter coming up in the Netherlands


Compay II de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre and Didi von der Leibrücke are expecting their first litter of pups together. Close to my heart and even closer to Astrid Vonck’s heart since Compay is THE reason for her coming into the Barbet world…








This is a photo take when I visited them in April, they already were a lovely couple. Very balanced, and……..








…Didi has produced very nice, balanced Barbet litters in the past. This is a photo of her last litter with Cousteau von der Leïbrucke, and lots of lovely colors. Color not being a means to an end, they were all of excellent character and healthy!Look at those eyes…Breeding for excellence and type.This is what you do when you know your pedigrees inside and out and characters and breed for type.I can hardly wait since Compay is….Compay.