A sand litter coming up in Switzerland


Ri ( Aurinko) is the grand-daughter of CompayII and shows many similarities to Enigma, Compay’s daughter, in a post below. We are on several generations of similar typed Barbets and I am happy that the line is perpetrating itself .  They have proven their worth for their morphology, character and excellent health.

Carmela’s original objective was to be able to get back to the Barbet of the 1970’s as existed in the Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, such as Jaffa,   Thais  or even Veck de Vernelle.

Barbet_Jaffa Barbet_Thais Barbet_Veck

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I am happy to be able to contribute photos from my archives and thank all of those who have kindly contributed to these archives for the future of the Vieux Barbet. The information about our breed’s past can only be found here.