A nice visit to see Charly near Longwy, France

Barbet_Charly Barbet_Charly_profile


Coccolina and son, Charly. No SHE is not solely responsible for them all being nice looking…

Charly has studded twice, both times with the same breeder. Pups turned out very nice and he carries the graying that we see in his son Cousteau von der Leibrücke, that many want to use now…He is 60 cms 26 kgs and has B hips.

Someone said today that this litter was a very successful one. I’d have to say “I agree“. All the dogs wherever they are at age 6+ have turned out very Barbet typed, they are all healthy ( sorry to say, guys) and they are very typical of the Froggies line ( Thanks Chris P for the name!).

Just like for other lines, it’s now very easy to recognize dogs with Froggies( French) blood in them. Keep in mind that we trace them back for sure to the E litter Marécages du Prince, born in 1989…meaning before that! What a racer!