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Some are extremely curly and some are not. However, the best combination I have found so far is that one. Mixing 2 extremely curly dogs together makes for a coat you can only keep shaved to the bones. A Barbet is not a question of coats, but genes! What will happen when they don’t exist anymore?

On the left Froguette and on the right Brenn ( Bounty) di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.

Bounty_GG_BarbetsWhat is really interesting is that Bounty and Guyguy have the same coat color. Completely different texture but they share Vincacao ( Bounty’s father) and Guyguy’s maternal grandfather. They are both the same age and are both graying from the rear. I have of course clipped a piece of Bounty’s coat ( not for dna..) but to compare “later”.Read more, ( 2nd letter)


At least I can’t be accused of doing dna on the Griffon Boulet ( extinct?), but what a ressemblance…bouletfor a close cousin!