A neutral site for a French breed? Respect our work, please!


An extremely biased history of a dog called the poodle and not the Barbet breed…which calls the Vieux Barbet a fantasy? A neutral site for a French breed?, and not a swiss one, with only references to Jean Claude Hermans and his modern Barbet…as HE himself refers to it, is hardly what you can call neutral, Mrs ZUBER….with all due respect? vieux barbet http://www.vieuxbarbetfrancais.com/breeding-out-the-poodle-not-in/

Correct me if I am wrong, but my Barbet site was the first to give information on the breed in English…with almost 350 000 visitors since 2006.


Then, perhaps Mr Seguela’s site ought to have some attention?

http://barbet.free.fr And last but not least, when you are a neutral site, you accept both sides and all dogs IF there is only one Barbet*? and not just yours? Especially for a storiette you did not even bother to write, but Jean Claude Hermans did foir a MODERN Barbet as mentionned in your austrian “history”?


The history we all thought was ours, is not!


* Ulysse di Barbechos Reiau de Prouvenco, banned from breeding in Swissland…

Neutral means we all contribute and not just you.