A minimum of backbone…at Club Specialty show

I had to rush to post this as I do not know whate the results of our grand event of the year, or who all is competing. It was said a while back…not to long ago that all dogs should be measured…before taking decisions about modifying the standard.This is what these shows are for and not just self promotion of how great of a breeder or person one is.

Alas, in the last 2 years we have seen no signs of any measurements and even today, they would have to be done by someone completely neutral…which may or may not be the case. There are too many buddybuddy associations to do so and perhaps put one’s breeding practices into peril.( and £$$£)

It would be logical that a judge with a minimum of backbone be able to comment a winner and say why this particular dog is the PERFECT representation of the breed standard, and the Working dog type that all should follow for xyz reasons…However, I don’t see when that will ever be the case as each regime in a club does outdo the previous one.

Pedagogically speaking, there ought to be a question and answer session where newbees ( our best breeders in the world) can see what a real Barbet looks like or should.

IF that is not the case, then???

Bad souvenirs of last year and previous experiences of dog owners attending and being frowned on in the “ambiance club”, have made it to spend one’s money on something else, more rewarding.

Also keep in mind that for some, dogs are selected to fit “à peu près” the standard and the minimum size of the others along with coat type ( matted is a plus) and to not have a head higher than another.

Will be interesting..especially for those who know some of the judges from the past and their type…of judging.

Will the dog be of a long line? A Spanish water dog lookalike, a Portuguese water dog type?

or simply a Poodle? OR? surprise surprise?

Wait and see, said the blindman.