A lot of wrong information circulating…

Everyone in the Barbet worldwide knows everything, so we hear and 7/8’s of it is heresay and not factual…some are quite happy to point fingers and propagate rumours. Decisions are made in some countries based on heresay and board members of club, very ofetn incompetent take decisions for breeds they have no facts for, like recently in a Sacandinavian country ( again).Unfortunately, there are very few people who know enough about the Barbet to make statements and back them up with facts.

It takes a lot of work and research to do so, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. We’d all be happy to talk about our own dogs’ hipscore and tell all how great they are, but others go wider and show that the breed is not that bad off. When work can be shared, it’s to everyone’s advantage. Enjoy. Thanks TT…a database that is richer and richer!