A breath of fresh air…Spring is ont its way.


It’s the one on the right, which is white and black…some may have difficulty in finding it, but…!

10 years, I have been phoughing away doing research on the Barbet breed, and  the conclusions have been the same and cross-checked. The Barbet is a Griffon de chasse, and not a poodle…It is also a natural breed which was never selected for beauty but for a working ability: a hunter/flusher/ all around gundog and never selected for its frizzy coat.

A big weight of my shoulders and certainly a BIG THANK YOU to Tomasz Targowski and all my friends who have supported the old breed for all these years. We have gotten to first base….and now we have to continue as the poodle still lurks after 25 years of indoctrination by the farther of the re-incarnated Barbet MODERNE.

Wish that dear Georgy were around to enjoy this grand moment. A loving thought for him.