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Vieux Griffon Barbet: 6è génération, la portée SiSu*


Narcisse du cheval  blanc sans tête





Mom and Dad of generation 6

Travail de sauvetage d’une race en voie d’extinction: le Vieux Griffon Barbet est le type de la race et du standard rédigé en 1886.

Thelma la Douce: Cotation SCC 3/6   BCE (Brevet de chasse à l’eau )2è cat.

Coccolina : Cotation SCC 5/6  >la plus haute cotation jamais enregistrée pour un Barbet LOF ( liste des origines françaises). Elle est dans près de 3000 pédigrées de Barbets, enregistrés ce qui représente environ 40%. Elle a produit une descendance qui a des titres de Champion dans plusieurs pays.

Ces 2 femelles  ont “fait” ma lignée depuis 2006.

Be my Bijour Babe: exportée en Finlande  en 2006 et revenue pour une portée en France

Ch-Compay II: Cotation  SCC 3/6 et Champion de France 2010 >vainqueur NE

( Nationale d’Elevage)

French Lover: Cotation SCC 4/6 BCE 1è cat. Excellent NE 2012/ plusieurs Meilleur de Race en exposition canine.

Liriope: fille de French Lover  cotation 1/6 ( avec Vennie/importée des Pays-Bas)

Narcisse: fils de Liriope cotation 1/6

Sisu: la 6ème génération dont la maman est :

Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco


Iabada: Importée des pays Bas et fille de notre Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco, trésor du patrimoine Barbet français, et arrière petite fille de Coccolina.  The Sisu litter is dedicated  to Göran Sjoström Kennel Nelum Himalis in Finland

who made this all possible, by  letting  me  use  my  Bijou  Babe  de  la  serve  de  la chapelle  d’Alexandre.

Be my Bijou Babe de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre

French Lover de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre

Liriope de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre

Ch-Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre

Thelma la Douce ( Tchin Tchin de la perte aux loups)

Coccolina ( Ermengarda)

HISTORY: the Barbet does not look like a Poodle. It is not its ancestor. The Barbet Moderne is the direct descendant of a Poodle

May Day..May Day.

One of the pictures  was found on the net, on a public page. It is so sad to see what people do to breeds. It has left me speechless ( not for long, tho). I happen to know all the pedigrees in the breedS ( Vieux Griffon Barbet/Barbet Moderne). When I see a strange picture, I start wondering how the dog came about. I can visualize the dogs in the pedigrees. This is 15 years of work and archives to study.

If more worried about what they were producing and selling, it would not be such a mess.












On the right Ashley and my Coccolina. They both measure 50cms. The curly black and white male on the left is Ashley’s son. He is on the small side and the light structure comes out in the picture at the top  (another male, with Coccolina in the pedigree). If you do not know what you are working with, you end up with these catastrophes and the breed degenerates. Then, it all goes haywire. After 5 generations of selection and work for the old/Vieux Griffon Barbet, I can sort of say.. I do not need a database to know what is going on. Why are people not more interested in facts?



Vieux Griffon Barbet: 100 left in the world..and dwindling.

When I got into the breed, of Vieux Barbet or Vieux Griffon Barbet..I was told to stay away from the Poodle lines. They go back 100+ years ( we’re talking Wycliffe/Apiele et al).
Not all lines had Poodle in them, they do now. It’s a question of getting the type out.
An F1 litter when crossing lines as one does today is going to be a pot-pourri of all the breeds in the 2 dogs. They will be cuteandnice but useless down the…line. Unless you know your lines and not many do.
Not all lines have SWD. You can see which do.
All lines have PWD.
Some lines have IWS. It is the only line that helped as it is similar to the Vieux Griffon Barbet, when you know how to select. I know all the pedigrees back to when they made the first ones.
You don’t always inherit from the parents, but from their siblings. Keep that in mind if you do not know what they look like.
There is a bunch of still, hidden stuff like there was in ALL breeds many years ago. Suffice to ask Pro- breeders. They know. By that I mean OLD breeders not recent ones.
I have always tried to keep one or two puppies of each litter ( I have not had many, it’s not possible) to see how they grew under my roof, not dispatched and brought in for breeding.
Dealing with a nearly extinct breed is a sacrifice and passion, contrary to what some may think, is not a money making affair. It’s trial and error.
Here you have 60 dogs in my line which comes from the oldest line which is Italian, along with the one which was in the south of France.
 I can go back to the 30’s with type and you can go further with history. I have.
If you use Poodle history you will be hard put to claim a line. That’s is unless it is a Poodle line>> Barbet Moderne. It is not an ancient breed…it was created in the 1980’s in France.
Now if you breed, and claim “genetic diversity..”.. I would ask of what? Why?
What is your breeding goal and do you have a breeding plan, down the line and why have we never heard of it?
That is, with the fact there are less than one hundred of the Vieux Griffon Barbets alive today.They are not easy to come by.
Last but not least I have DNA going back 7 generations. My oldest Barbet is 15 and my youngest is 3.
It’s been 20 years now. I have most of the archives and 5 generations under my roof, going on 6, I hope.
it’s a labor of love and devotion.
The man on the moon, didn’t just fall there!