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Planning ahead


Both are together again and “resting in peace”. When you get to a certain age, you need to think of the “after you” and who is going to take care of your dog if you have no one..so they do not end up in a pound and get euthanized! There is a time for everything in life, of course, BUT make sure you have details about the after you and provide funds if necessary…That is called thinking on your feet.

It is not a reason to get offended. It happened again recently and nothing was planned for the dog and poor dog….

Keep in mind that many breeders refuse to sell dogs to people over a certain age. That is not a fiction, but a fact.

You cannot compete with stupid.

When “show Greeders” decide to take over a breed..this is what you end up with. Who do we have to thank? The USA/Canada/The Netherlands…among others who have not a clue. Neither does France, but that’s another story.

Voilà the result of what ego does to dogs. Thank you Stacy, Anne, Judy, Karen..you are so cute.

ps..no swiss as they are having a problem with their style.