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Barbet and knees..


Since it is impoosible to get a straight answer out of many in France, you try to compare what is bigger or smaller than a bread box to figure things out by yourself. Not easy, but “normal” with the Barbet world in France. Everything is generally a hassel, big or small, but a hassel. While I was on my way to visit a friend in Switzerland a couple of days ago, I was listening to the radio broadcast in French (Swiss Romande). The tone was noticeably different than the French negativist tone. News were good, business was flourishing, profits were up….I was seeing so many nice, new cars driving past me, it was like being at a car show. Well, anyway.So much for that.

There appears to be a major major bad overall French attitude towards everything making it difficult to accomplish anything. We in France all know that. Business is bad, attitudes are for sh– and help is not anything to consider asking for.From anyone.
You send someone an email to ask a simple question.Very often they ignore you and don’t answer and when they do, you get an earfull of what you want but not an answer to a simple question.

We all know that the club ( with the assistance of the breeders, haha) is supposed to lower the sizes in the standard of the Barbet. Then you look at the 8th wonder of the world, ask for a size and they turn their nose up and refuse to answer. It’s quite obvious that a bread box is a bread box. Not to everyone…

We still have some lying about dog sizes..we know who they are and they have support in holding them up high-er, and higher.

I can hardly wait for the club specilaty show. I want to see if a 2/3 cms matted coat is included in the size of a dog…I asked, but got no answer.

This is me, and Ela who is not standing properly because if she were she may have been even 53, haha….I am 1.72 and not shrinking yet!

Coccolina and her grandsons..E litter

Their coat is now their adult coat. They are full grown now and they look really nice and homogenous. I am quite happy with them. Che and Cacao did a good job!
I will add that I don’t know how a dog, any breed can be a super dooper champion at 10 months old as is the case in the USA( maybe also Canada?). The race to make them champions is a bit mind boggling.I must have missed something in the translation. A 10-month old dog, regardless of its origin is not champion material every time it is shown.That a champion does not necessarily reproduce champions is a known fact, even in our narrow Barbet world.

Barbet_Ebrothers Barbet_exquis2013

 Exquis and Edam sons of Che and Vincacao.


Thelma’s reference size is 55. A judge, be him who you want can always measure to his or her advantage or not.Sizes appear to be coming down, so that a larger number of dogs can be used. OR at least we hope so….The Poodley types have had since 2005 to come down in size and the Poppenspalers’ are not the only one who are small enough. That being jsut a personal revenge on 2003 when a famous one refused to mate.

Is it bigger than a breadbox?


Booly Wooly is 59.5 cms tall. That’s is official and documented.Sizes of dogs was a theme that was supposed to be covered at the symposium as one of the objectives was lowering the sizes in the standard that had been raiased to let the Poodles develop.

Compay has been officially measured at 58.

From my experience and the research I have done and comments I have heard the other dog, be it nice or not, remaining factual is by no stretch of the imagination, 57, nor does he weigh 25 kilos or he is obese.. So practice what you preachED at the club…but there is always the exception that confirms the rule: Zigzag, a male CACS at Club Specialty at 54 cms in 2005, a week before they put the size up to 66.Facts.

So, to cut short to the discussion, measure him weigh him properly and publish the photo that will show the ground as being flat and the stick touching his body and not elevated by 3 cms of dense coat. The end.
PS Dom P is about 57…but Dom P was not there!