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Just in passing: Nevers dog show

Barbet_Froggy_Nevers Barbet_Vennie_Nevers2013

French Lover                             Vennie

BOB                                            Best youth

We could not stay for honor ring because it was too late!

No surprises as to the results…however after attending dog shows alone (or almost alone) for all of 13 years now, it is not an event even worth mentionning. The big difference now is that there are fewer and fewer dogs at shows and this time in Nevers, there were about 500 less dogs than in Mâcon. That’s scary but a phenomenon that has been increasing. Bad judges, biaised ones, events that are too expensive to attend and the likes.

Habibi von der Leibücke got a Very Prominsing in puppy class.

Eurodog show in Geneva this Sunday


I have had people tell me it was really expensive and who wants to go there and have to pay the major toll to get onto the Swiss motorway system and how it really brought nothing to the dogs…agreed on all counts! However, Geneva is 1.5 hours from me and I thought it was important to take a working dog class there since they are few ( if any ) and far between in any show that even has Barbets in them.

Then I saw there were 2 at this show which is nice.

You have live stream apparently and since they will probably show the Lagottos, perhaps a Barbet will be in there somewhere. Live stream is fun to watch. Don’t think you will see me, but we will be there!

Good day, sunshine in Semur en Auxois

Male working class/ CACS BOB

“Masculine, very nice masculine head, exc muzzle, ears well attached, good length, powerful neck; excellent length of back, nice chest, typical coat, excellent hindquarters, nice movement”.



Vennie was a real trooper!Vennie_Semur2013
Pretty female, well proportionned, feminine head, excellent eye, shape and color, nice overall body, excellent coat texture for her age, very good hindquarters, already very mu much at ease in her gait”.


Always good to reread rules and regulations and etiquette

Show Judges_EN (2)


Jean Claude Hermans, in his Barbet club bulletins always had a wry word or 2 about a judge who liked a dog he didn’t. Clubs or people holing powerful positions in a country select the judges they want to use on the basis of many basises…Some good, some less good reasons. That tradition, unfortunately, lives on. Amazing how a position of power over all gives you wings to fly higher, use media and photos to slander people, whomever they may be: breeders or even judges.I never thought I would see it in real print available to all.