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Barbet camouflage…



In there is a Barbet…you see him coming out in the second photo. What he was after, I have not a clue, but. It is important that they demonstrate natural ability to work. By work I mean hunt, flush, retrieve…..for pleasure. It is n ot something you teach them. That instinct, natural instinct, they have it or they don’t.

Not all Barbet hunt. That is only a myth….nowadays.

You’re a man now…French Lover Dog


Froggy mated with Barbebdoux TumTum last weekend, and very successfully if we may add. Because he is now a real “stud”, he was offered his first own leash as the tradition goes.If all goes well, he will be father in April. So proud, because he is my 3 rd male living under my roof to have successfully performed his duties.

Froggy will be 4 this year. He is healthy, has an extremely well balanced character. He is calm, attentive and has a very easy to groom coat.

He has his TAN, BCE 1st category, BICP 3rd category. His has a cotation 4/6 on the SCC selection grid.

He is 59.5/60 cms weighs up to 26+ kilos. Has his DNA,  eyes clear and hips A/B.




I was always hoping one of the girls born here would mate with Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco after having him confirmed in France in my name to save him et al, but it didn’t happen which cast a doubt on his competences and we know how that goes round. After he mated with Manon Lescaut, hope came back and he proved himself with Abaya, again; which confirmed he was a “real” stud. He  had proved his worth also with Braise who has now a lovely line in Canada, that was  not without any hassels again given us by the same people in swissland breeding committee. His first mating which was brushed off by said swiss breeding committee was a severe blow to the old breed and yes, they did their best . It has taken years to bounce back, but bounce back we have with determination, conviction and support.

The 2  oldest studs left of the “old lines” are sort of making up for almost lost time!

Hard to believe that people working for the breed have left 3 pups males available from Ulysse and Ursus combined where it seems they should have been taken up in a flash, but, stranger things have happened.

These guys are getting up there in age, but at least now we can rest assured they will leave their pawprints on the breed and Georgy, who is probably looking at what’s going on ( good and bad) is probably smiling away…with all of our beloved dogs in heaven.

A funny key word: old curly dog!

I have my statistics of people visiting my site each day as one does!

Sometimes you learn things that way. Yesterday I had a real funny one; someone looking for a ” vieux chien frisé”… Thelma? At almost 12 years of age, it could be someone looking for an old curly dog? ( at least they didn’t say: old curly poodle!). It might have been a “Vieux Barbet”…Griffoné…?


Major report about the Barbet in Finland

Of course, I do not understand Finnish and that is my problem, but it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into it and it is published for everyone to read. You agree or not with what they do is not the point. They are doing it and informing people who are interested…….that is major in our Barbet world, where everyone makes sure they hide as much as possible, you never know.

And yes they have done it before. They imported the first Barbet Turnix* in 2002 and I am sure they would have been happy to know more about the breed, then…as many of us. 2002, the year I got Thelma and started wondering about the breed. My second mistake.